The European Podcast Award

The organizers of the European Podcast Award Contest 2011 asked for a reaction from the winners. Here is my word of thanks.

I wish to thank the organisers of the European Podcast Award contest for their efforts. It is a really inspiring initiative. My podcast is called Hoor! Geschiedenis, which means something like Listen! History.

When I started podcasting some two years ago, I was quite convinced that this was a project which would cost me a lot of time and would never yield me any money – which indeed it doesn’t – but I also thought that this was something completely out of the conventional scene of books and other media and for which there existed no prizes. So I was extremely surprised when the news of the nomination of my podcast reached me and receiving the award as national winner in The Netherlands in the category personal was really unbelievable.

It makes me feel supported. So thanks again. And to my colleague podcasters I would like say: go on! People are listening to you. We are the forerunners of a new era of oral culture.